What Fioricet did for me

I work as a teacher and I am one of the teachers who think that their job is extremely important. When you think about it and when you think about how much time kids spend in school, you quickly realize that school is their home and that their teachers are, in a way, their parents. We have to teach them not only how to learn, but how to behave as well. This is sometimes easier said than done, but I like to think that I’m good at it.

If you ask me, teaching is not only teaching the kids something new that can be found in books. Most of the time, you have to improvise and offer some practical knowledge that they can use one day. This is what they appreciate and this is what makes them appreciate you more. However, even this is not all. You also have to listen to them when they talk because they often have something smart to say. Besides, you can always learn a lot about them when you listen to them, which helps you figure out a way to help them.

However, as much as I try to be a good teacher, there were days when I couldn’t give my best, especially when the listening part is in question. This is not because I thought that my students were too boring or because I was not in the mood for listening, but because I had migraines, which made it extremely difficult to focus and act normal. Sometimes, my migraines were accompanied by nausea and when this happened, I was everything but a good teacher and I’m really ashamed because of it. But I tried to make up for it during the days when I felt fine.

What Fioricet did for me

Over the years, I had tried numerous medications, but none of them was as efficient as I wanted them to be. Of course, some were more efficient than others, but all in all, I wasn’t exactly satisfied with anything. And I always asked my doctor about new things that I could try.

The only thing that really helped me with my migraines was Fioricet. This is such a great medication that I no longer dread those awful days when I can’t do anything. Now, I’m able to teach the way I think teachers should teach and I no longer have problems concentrating on what my students are saying. Luckily, my students did not notice when I was having a bad day, but I’m sure that they are now perfectly aware of the fact that I’m much more pleasant to be around and they are obviously enjoying my lessons more(as much as kids can actually enjoy the lessons).

Thanks to Fioricet, I can easily deal with my migraines and I think that there is no one happier than me because of that.

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