What to keep in mind when using Fioricet

Taking any medication properly is of paramount importance. If you do not take all the measures of precaution, you might experience adverse reactions and you might put your life in danger. In case of Fioricet there are a few things that we would like you to remember and we are going to cover them in this article. We will begin with getting the prescription for Fioricet.

Due to the fact that it is nowadays possible to purchase prescription medications online without prescription, some people choose to avoid visiting a doctor altogether. This can be extremely dangerous, as there might be some conditions that are contraindications for the use of specific medication. For instance, in the case of Fioricet, the drug should not be used by people suffering from porphyria, people who have suffered from cirrhosis of the liver, people who have been using MAO inhibitors within two weeks of taking Fioricet and also people who are allergic to any of the ingredients in Fioricet, acetaminophen, butalbital and caffeine. Furthermore, people with any liver or kidney disease and people with history of suicidal thoughts and mental illness should report this to the doctor before they are prescribed with Fioricet.

What to keep in mind when using Fioricet

Fioricet is usually taken when necessary, meaning when the headaches start to occur. It is important to take the medication as soon as you start feeling the pain, as the efficacy is reduced the later in the headache bout the medication is taken. The usual dosage involves one or two pills taken every four hours. You should never take more than 6 Fioricet tablets in one 24 hour period. In case you take too much of this medication, it can cause severe liver damage due to acetaminophen contained in Fioricet and you might also suffer from a butalbital overdose which is also very severe.

Due to the acetaminophen found in Fioricet, you must limit the intake of alcohol or avoid drinking altogether when you are using Fioricet. In combination, alcohol and acetaminophen can cause liver damage. Also, it is important to remember that there are numerous medications which contain acetaminophen and it is important to talk to a health professional before you combine any medication with Fioricet. Caffeine is another ingredient in Fioricet and you should be careful not to take in too much caffeine from other sources if you are using Fioricet.

Because of the sedative side effects that might occur when using Fioricet, you should first find out whether the medication will have this effect on you before you drive under the influence of the drug or do anything else that might be hazardous.

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